Domestic Patients - medECUBE

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We work with you for your health management, in illness, and in an emergency, by providing the following services:

  • We study your family's history and give customized preventive health solutions
  • We organize camps/talks/alerts/ information on seasonal illnesses/health tips
  • We offer a comprehensive solution via a single-point-of-access, to address all six pain points:
    • Discovery : by helping you to decide which doctor, hospital, lab, etc. to use
    • Access :by arranging timely appointments with them
    • Record and Alerts : by managing your health record, and sending you the relevant notifications
    • Second Opinion : by getting the second opinion for you, when needed, from one of the global experts
    • Navigation : by hand-holding you through your healthcare experience
    • Coordination : by connecting the dots and handling the inherent complexity of the task.
  • We make it convenient for you by arranging physiotherapy, sample collection, dressing, etc. at your home or at your place of work.