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Importance of Office Ergonomics

What is office ergonomics?
Office ergonomics is all about the physical environment workers are exposed to and interact with.
Implementing efficient ergonomic solutions at the workplace helps employees to be more
comfortable and productive in their jobs
Broad categories of office ergonomics are:
– Working postures
– Manual handling
– Repetitive movements etc.
– Temperature and humidity
– Light
Importance of ergonomics
Ergonomics is important because the worker’s awkward body posture, extreme temperature, and
repeated musculoskeletal movement may lead to health issues, such as fatigue, discomfort, and
muscular pain – all of which may eventually result in musculoskeletal disorders.
Musculoskeletal disorder includes pain in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. The
disorder develops over a period of time due to wrong sitting and working postures.

Advantages of ergonomics at work
An efficient ergonomic environment at work has many advantages for the business, such as:
– Increased savings due to less absenteeism, more productive and sustainable employees, less
compensation claims etc.
– Few employees facing health issues like pain etc.
– Greater job satisfaction amongst the workers
– Increased morale of employees as they feel valued by the employer as a result of making the
workplace safer

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