medecube-space - medECUBE


Through our medECUBE SPACE vertical, we help define, build, and operationalize assets (hospitals, etc.) when there is a shortage of supply


  • 1. Facilitate commissioning of the Hospital/Facility
  • 2. Procure, review, integrate, and operationalize the medical equipment
  • 3. Training and education of doctors, technicians, nursing, and auxiliary staff
  • 4. Help achieve internationally accepted clinical and operational frameworks
  • 5. Assist in marketing and business development strategies


  • 1. Project Staffing

    We leverage our experience with the healthcare system by tapping in house expertise of various departments such as quality, clinical hiring, operations, service excellence among others. We will also use the expertise of associate consultants.
  • 2. Clinical Orientation

    World class experts spearhead and oversee the entire process. medECUBE will create programmes to ensure that the staff gets oriented and are geared up the operational roll out. Training programs are organised for doctors, paramedical staff, and nurses .
  • 3. Command Centre

    Technology is a possible lever to address several challenges such as an acute lack of well-developed infrastructure; optimal utilization of available manpower; inadequate supply of trained human resources; late presentation and delayed diagnosis requiring complex treatment etc.

    All hospitals are linked on a dedicated network with full suite of information technology capabilities to a central command centre enabling patient navigation, optimization of resources, and task-shifting to provide quality care with utmost patient safety.

Command center acts as an enabler for the following aspects (depicted in the figure below):

  • 1. Monitoring & Control/Asset and utilization management
  • 2. Peer to Peer collaboration
  • 3. Patient facing - Specialist to/from patient
  • 4. Marketing and business Development-

    medECUBE will prepare a detailed Marketing plan encompassing the following:
  1. The branding of the hospital including signages.
  2. The positioning strategy of the hospital.
  3. The full suite of branding templates for various elements used in the hospital. This will include PIL's, Brochures and patient facing hospital stationary.
  4. Launch plan/strategy.
  5. The full digital strategy including development of own digital assets SEO and social media plans.
  6. Templates for ATL advertising including print and radio advertising.
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