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We can prevent disease. But that requires awareness, discipline, a lot of patience, and above all - good genes. For most of us, prevention is difficult.

The next best thing is preemption. This requires anticipating, testing, and correcting - early. Getting ahead of the damage. With advent of personalized genetic and genomic testing, a new science of diagnostics is available. And the one thing it does extremely well is preemption.

Family history of cancer? Smoked tobacco? The clues could lie in a genetic test that looks at nearly 100 different cancer causing genes and mutations, to identify risk for commonly occurring cancers.

Family history of heart disease? Or lifestyle with propensity to it? A simple, non-invasive test that sees the expression of the two dozen critical genes might preempt a heart attack.

These tests require careful planning - including some routine bloodwork and imaging studies and a consult - to determine what follow-on genetic testing would be useful.

medECUBE has created exactly such a service with standard packages and add-on genetic tests that are personalized for you.


  • PREEMPT basic
  • PREEMPT premium

Add-on genetic tests - one or both of these tests can be added to either basic or premium package

  • cardioCORE - for coronary disease
  • geneCORE predict - for predicting hereditary cancer
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