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medECUBE helps patient from Uzbekistan

Talha, a 34-year-old resident of Tashkent in Uzbekistan noticed in January, 2019 that his right testicle seemed different: hard and a bit tender. “I wasn’t sure what it was but I hoped it would go away on its own,” remembers Talha, who made an appointment with a urologist for further evaluation. Before that appointment, on a Saturday in February, Talha with his friends, went on a 7-mile bike ride. Afterwards, Talha noticed that his testicle was bothering him more; besides feeling harder, it now felt heavier.  By the following Saturday, his discomfort increased so he decided to go to his community hospital. An ultrasound was performed and a doctor told Talha that numerous tumors were found, and that he probably had testicular cancer.

Talha and his wife left the hospital in shock. “We just looked at each other and realized that we needed to find a doctor,” he explains. His wife started researching cancer treatment in India and came across medECUBE. The medECUBE team took the download from Talha’s wife, asked for reports and shared them with the doctors across different hospitals in the Delhi NCR region and Mumbai. Talha zeroed on the advice of Dr. Pawan Kesarwani from Max Healthcare and Dr Vikram Sharma from Fortis Healthcare. medECUBE collated Talha’s documents and sent the Visa Invite Letter to him, within a period of three days. Talha and his wife reached India on 10th March and his appointment was fixed with Dr Vikram Sharma at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon. “When I first met Dr. Sharma, I was impressed,” Talha says. “I underwent further testing and the doctor brought me into his office to discuss the results. He explained that I had testicular cancer and that I needed surgery.” On the advice of medECUBE, Talha agreed for a second opinion from   Dr Pawan Kesarwani from Max Hospital in Saket, New Delhi. Talha was operated on the fourth day after he landed in Delhi by Dr Vikram Sharma at Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon.

During the procedure, Dr. Sharma removed Talha’s right testicle. Fortunately, the cancer was contained and had not metastasized.

“Dr. Vikram Sharma’s demeanor was very helpful during this delicate process,” admits Talha. “I had worries, like most men do. I spoke about my concerns which included intimacy concerns, and Dr. Sharma assured me I would be OK and he was right. It’s comforting knowing that you can discuss these issues with an understanding doctor.”

On being contacted, Dr Vikram Sharma said that Talha was doing well and did not need any additional treatment.

Talha remains cancer free and is feeling well. He has joined back his office in Tashkent. He says, “I feel very lucky and grateful that I found medECUBE I am glad we caught the cancer early. I also appreciate the wonderful care I’ve had at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, it’s a remarkable place”.

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