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medECUBE Doula is currently offering in-person doula support at all hospitals, birth centers, and home births!

Doula Support During COVID

We are totally committed to fulfilling your needs for information, support, advocacy, and connectedness during these uncertain times. We offer in-person doula services at all hospitals, birth centres, and home births, and our doulas follow strict safety protocols for in-person support which we are happy to share with you. Virtual doula support is also available if preferred or whenever appropriate based on specific hospital policy.

Our Mamas are first

We realize what matters most is your and your baby’s health. We are also aware that your experience of this journey matters and the memory stays for a lifetime. And that is what we cater to and we put you, your partner, your family, the experience of your birth, first!! We ensure a beautiful experience …we ensure a wonderful memory.

Our Doula

We proudly offer you a very experienced Doula. She has decades of experience assisting people around her through their healthcare journeys in various roles. She has gone through DONA certified trainings and is well known and loved for her professional and very high quality care. You need to talk to her and meet her to know she would be the perfect Doula for you and your partner

Meet Our Doula

You Decide Your Birth

medECUBE Doula is completely agenda free and does not have any set “correct and best” way of giving birth . We talk to you, understand your needs and desires and help you take informed decisions. Our aim is to ensure you get what you want, the way you want it. It’s your , your partners and your baby’s journey- we only support you in doing what you would like to do. We are there beside you throughout to provide emotional, physical, and informational support so you’ll have all the tools you need to navigate the medical system, birth your baby, and make informed decisions all along the way.

A Doula Provides Continuity of Care

Many people are looking for a more personalized pregnancy, labor, and birth experience. This is where a birth doula can bridge the gap! Having a Birth First Doula in your corner ensures that there is at least one professional who works just for you, knows your family’s unique hopes and goals, and is dedicated entirely to improving your experience. The delicate balance of respecting the expertise of your medical providers while simultaneously advocating for your choices, needs, and desires is part of what makes our doula service one of the most trusted and well-respected in town.

Partners Deserve Support Too

At Birth First Doulas we know there’s no replacement for the love and intimacy that you share with your partner but even the most attentive partner may be overwhelmed by the birth process and environment. A birth doula provides partners with informational support and suggestions allowing them to feel less pressured and more relaxed. Let Birth First Doulas hold the details so your partner can hold the love!

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1. How does a Doula support the Dad?

In earlier days when our grandparents were having babies, men weren’t even allowed into the delivery room. But now things have changed - dads have come to play a central role in speaking up for a birthing woman’s needs and coaching her through the birth. This can be an incredibly beautiful thing. It can also be a big job and a lot of pressure. Having a doula can free a partner of their responsibility to both facilitate the birth and coach the mom. This allows them to be present with their own feelings of excitement, joy, or nervousness that are an intrinsic part of becoming a parent.

2. How can a Doula help the Mom and Dad in reducing the “pain”?

There are many beautiful ways that dads can support their partners through birth. Words of encouragement, being a strong and steady comfort, back rubs and simply witnessing this profound event are priceless contributions that a birthing person will not forget. However, it is hard seeing the person you love most in the world in pain. And no matter how much he wants to, he cannot take the journey of birth from you. A doula can help him remember the ways he can participate and be productive in his role as a supporter. She can also help him perfect his backrub and anticipate the changes of the next stage of labor when a new backrub will be needed.

3. Is a Doula there all through?

A birthing person really needs continuous support. Whether the birth is 5 hours or 25 hours, it is intense and takes focused energy. Even dads that want to be the main supporter need to eat, drink and go to the bathroom. Sometimes they even need to sleep or check-in with anxious grandparents. Having a doula allows dad to take a break when he needs it. It also means that if dad doesn’t want to leave his birthing person’s side that he will be brought food and drink along with the birthing mother.

4. What can a Doula do in an emergency?

Although true birth emergencies are rare, sometimes they do happen. If for any reason mom and the baby have to be separated, a doula can stay with the one dad is not with and provide updates to help them stay connected as a family.

5. Does a Doula make a birth easier?

There is immense value in having a person there that has supported many women through the same journey. Birth has a wide range of normal. It challenges both moms and dads in new ways. Sometimes the things you thought would be the most helpful are the worst and the things you never thought would help are life-savers. A doula has a toolbox that years of training and experience have brought her. These tools can help reduce mom’s pain, help her focus, and help her do the things that bring baby closer or get into better positions. Even with these tools, the intensity of birth forges an immense intimacy between partners. When birth is easier for the mother, it is easier for the partner as well.

6. Does every family need a Doula?

No, studies have shown that doulas can reduce the risk of c-sections, shorten labor, and improve relationships. But, that doesn’t mean that every family has to have a doula. One of the gifts and challenges of birth is learning to understand what you as an individual family need. It is good to spend some time thinking about the needs of your family before you decide to bring a doula into your birth.

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