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Clinical Coordination Service – by medECUBE

For any consumer of healthcare, there is an obvious need for an independent coordination – at a clinical level – to ensure that all the dots are connected. Patients are not equipped to do that. Their families are not equipped to do that. Hospitals, while they do have the ability, do not have the processes to do that. This represents the central dilemma of every person, every family seeking healthcare – in wellness, in sickness, and in emergency – because most of the frustration, and majority of the mishaps stem from lack of clinical coordination, and not lack of clinical excellence at the hospitals

medECUBE offers new way of getting your healthcare needs served – by bringing clinical coordination to the core of the process – for a very simple, transparent fee.

1 - Getting an appointment with the physician that’s best suited for you

No charge

2 - Coordination of an outpatient consult

INR 500

3 - Coordination of your diagnostic needs in an episode of care

INR 1000

4 - Coordination of an inpatient stay at a hospital

INR 5000

5 - Coordination of a Second Opinion from the US

INR 10000

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