medecube-circle - medECUBE


medECUBE Circle is a 360-degree approach for taking care of the preventive and elective health of your parents and being there for them - in health, sickness, and in emergency - in the absence of close family.

An annual subscription based program, medECUBE Circle offers the following services:

In Health:

  • 1. Create a personalized health report - which will include a detailed risk profiling of an individual
  • 2. Create an annual health plan - this includes preventive screening schedule, vaccination schedules, medication schedules and diagnostic and consultation schedules
  • 3. And thereon, follow up messages and alerts are sent for adhering to the annual plan
  • 4. A medECUBE doctor to visit every month
  • 5. A need based customized plan is created

In Sickness:

  • 1. A medECUBE doctor will be available 24x7 for any medical assistance required
  • 2. medECUBE will suggest the doctor, hospital etc. based on proximity, expertise, and economics
  • 3. Booking appointments when needed
  • 4. Navigation and coordination of the entire episode - at home/in hospital/diagnostic labs
  • 5. Providing any home care need e.g. nurse, GDA, med equipment at home.

In Emergency:

Your parents will have a number that they can call on 24*7 we will organize everything after that including the ambulance. The payment for the actual services used e.g. consults, diagnostics, IP admission, home care is paid to the service provider directly, & we assist in streamlining that process too.

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