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medECUBE Affinity is a supply side vertical focused on developing clinical understanding amidst the community and by supporting clinical awareness programs, on site and off site training programs, observerships and fellowships for clinicians, thereby also building and assisting in capability development across the world.

What we do?

Health Talks - We invite healthcare experts, physicians, surgeons, etc. to talk and share insights about relevant every day healthcare issues and the talk is telecasted live from all of medECUBE's social media platforms

Bi-Weekly Newsletter - A bi-weekly newsletter covering the latest happenings in the domestic and international healthcare domain is created and circulated amongst the doctors within and outside the medECUBE network

Trainings and Observerships -

For Doctors and Administrators:

  1. Hospital Organisation and Control: The course focuses on the internal organisation and functioning of a hospital, its intradepartmental functions and relationship, and the effect of the outside environment on hospital operations
  2. Medical Staff Organisation: Acquainting the trainees with theories and practices in managing the medical staff at various levels of delivery of healthcare and to familiarise them with modern concepts of Quality Assurance in healthcare
  3. Epidemiology and Public Health: Promoting the understanding of epidemiology and community health for help in disaster, emergency, and crisis management
  4. Hospital Planning: Developing a comprehensive and holistic view in planning and designing a hospital
  5. Comparative Health Administration: Exposing the trainees to different healthcare delivery systems across different countries in the world
  6. Health Entrepreneurship: Apprising the trainees of various aspects of Health Entrepreneurship and facilitate self-diagnosis of the entrepreneurial mindset among them and to train aspiring entrepreneurs for transforming their business ideas into sustainable and profitable businesses and for managing and expanding their enterprises
  7. Health System Research: The objective of the course is to provide theoretical and analytical foundation to research in health systems. The course will provide insights in to conducting research on issues pertaining to health policy, health services, organizational and management issues, and community bases research.
  8. Health Economics: using the concepts, theories, tools and techniques evolved by economists in the decision making process of health service providers in public and private health sector
  9. Healthcare Operations Strategy: The course is designed to develop an understanding of the need for formulating an appropriate Operations strategy in a healthcare organization which would be in tune with the overall competitive strategy of the entire healthcare unit.
  10. Healthcare Analytics and Optimization: Introduction to analytics in healthcare, focusing both on qualitative as well as quantitative techniques

For Nursing Staff:

  1. Emergency Nursing Care: Build knowledge and skills in handling emergencies in various body systems and strengthen skills in life saving situations
  2. Nursing for Acute Pain Care: Helping the trainees develop advanced nursing skills for assessing and managing pain in post-operative patients
  3. Nursing in Oncology: Overseeing and providing direct nursing care to cancer patients, such as to effect cures or minimise symptoms
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