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Cigarette smoking

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times” – Mark Twain

Cigarette consumption in developing countries has been rising over the last three or four decades. In some developing countries, the health effects of this increase in tobacco use are already evident.

The proverbial cannibal, medically referred to as lung cancer is characterized by an abnormal growth of cells in lung tissues. Major symptoms of the disease include, coughing, weight loss, breathing problems, blood in cough and chest pains among others.

Cigarette smoking and lung cancer often go hand in hand, rather, a little more than often. More than 90% of lung cancer cases across the world are a result of tobacco use. There are 1.1 billion tobacco smokers in the world, and one individual dies in every 6 seconds as a result of tobacco smoking, a majority of these deaths is due to lung cancers.

A single cigarette includes a complex mixture of thousands of chemicals, of which at least 100 are known to have toxic and harmful properties. Continued tobacco smoke over a period of time, combines with the existing carcinogens resulting in cancer.

As per WHO estimates, one in every 10 deaths worldwide is caused due to lung disease resulting from tobacco smoking, with half of these deaths in US, China, Russia, and India.

Smokers and non-smokers alike often do not fully appreciate the health risks of tobacco use, particularly cigarette smoking. The latest epidemiological studies indicate that death rates for smokers are two to three times higher than for non-smokers at all ages.

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