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We focus on delivering a crucial service - coordinating healthcare for people

For any consumer of healthcare, there is an obvious need for an independent coordination – at a clinical level – to ensure that all the dots are connected. Patients are not equipped to do that. Their families are not equipped to do that. Hospitals, while they do have the ability, do not have the processes to do that. This represents the central dilemma of every person, every family seeking healthcare – in wellness, in sickness, and in emergency – because most of the frustration, and majority of the mishaps stem from lack of clinical coordination, and not lack of clinical excellence at the hospitals.

Backed by Artiman Ventures, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm, medECUBE is an entirely new approach to healthcare delivery – where clinical coordination is at the center.


medECUBE is a "Clinical Coordination service".The company is focused on delivering only one service - coordinating healthcare for people:

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Why is the “coordination” service needed in the first place?

The simple answer is: healthcare is complex.

Today, navigation of healthcare systems has become increasingly complex. The discovery and access to healthcare facilities and practioners, formulation of proper health records and coordination across multiple touch points often require specialized clinical knowledge and expertise. medECUBE offers demand side and supply side services by leveraging existing healthcare assets, to address systemic gaps in healthcare.

what we do left


The stakeholder that medECUBE represents is the consumer. We do not own any hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, or labs. Instead, we coordinate across and utilize existing facilities – who we have partnered with, for their specific areas of excellence.


To make healthcare hassle-free


To be a partner in health, sickness, and emergency – trusted for ethics, empathy, and expertise


Ethics, Empathy, and Expertise


medECUBE provides a “system” called DR.SCAN, comprised of people and technology that coordinates all clinical and non-clinical aspects of care, to eliminate the six friction points in healthcare - Discovery, Record and Alerts, Second Opinion, Coordination, Access, and Navigation.

a. Discovery: The consumer does not know from whom to seek healthcare (hospital, doctor, etc.)

b. Access: The consumer does not have access to the care provider, even after discovery

c. Records and Alerts: The consumer has his/her record fragmented and stored at multiple places, and hence, alerts for the upcoming medical actions cannot be made reliably.

d. Second Opinion: The consumer often needs a second opinion, and does not know who to go to and how to reconcile between the two opinions

e. Navigation: The consumer finds it nearly impossible to navigate through the system

f. Coordination: The consumer does not have the clinical knowledge to coordinate his/her trans-disciplinary care across multiple physicians, nurses, diagnostic labs, etc.

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